Award-Winning Writer

Kirsten Fogg left Canada in 1989 on a Wardair flight that still used real china dishes and real cutlery. With her, she carried her father’s pilfered copy of archy and mehitabel (which she refuses to give back) and unspoken dreams of finding her literary fortune in Paris. After Paris, she kept searching for those dreams in Bordeaux, Paris (again), Toronto, London England, and Sydney.

She’s worked as a financial reporter, editor, translator and freelance foreign correspondent until the arrival of children stymied her traveling soul. She has also pumped petrol and pulled draft.

She is one of those people who never understood why her colleagues with children didn’t go to the pub after work until she became a parent herself. She speaks French, English and Gibberish depending on how much sleep she gets.

Kirsten loves rock climbing, running, classical flute and the beauty of words.

She lives in Brisbane with her Australian-Canadian children who refuse to speak French, her English husband, her English Springer Spaniel and her Sumo-sized air conditioning unit.

She is the winner of Canada’s carte blanche/CNFC 2015 competition for creative nonfiction.

She is still looking for her literary fortune and a place to lay her hat.